Graduates & Career Brochure

What Does This Mean?

Our aim and hope is for you to find a place at Briarwood; not only to find fellowship and community, but to find opportunities for ministry and service. No church is perfect and Briarwood is no exception. But we have found that our church body is only as strong as its members and leadership, and we desire to build authentic community and redemptive relationships among our members and our culture in Birmingham.

Listed here you will find information aimed at young unmarried individuals. There are many other communities at Briarwood as well that may be an even better fit, so please let us know if you need help finding a place for you.

Graduates & Career

A community for the early 20's to early 30's crowd. College grads and individuals starting their careers make up the majority of this community. G&C is a gathering of singles focused on growing in personal spiritual formation, servant leadership, and relating to our culture and the world. Our goal is to train and equip individuals to navigate the culture and relationships in a way that honors and glorifies God.

We meet every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 am in M-202 (second floor of ministries building "M").
For more information, please contact Page Dollar at 776-5526.
Briarwood (A-202/204)

Leveraging Life

Leveraging Life is a missional community of singles in their 30's and 40's, committed to leveraging our lives toward Gospel transformation through worshipping God, loving one another, serving the church, and engaging Birmingham with the hope of the Gospel.

We meet every Sunday from 9:30-10:30 am in M-210 (second floor of ministries building "M").
For more information, please contact Page Dollar at 776-5526.
Briarwood (M-210)

Fitting In: Other opportunities for ministry and service

  • Young Business Leaders presents the Word of God to businessmen and professionals and offers tools and an environment to facilitate spiritual growth.
  • Christian Medical Ministry of Alabama is committed to equipping Christians in the medical community of Birmingham to worship God and to be involved in reaching the medical community of Birmingham and the world for Christ.
  • Biblical Counseling is offered, through the enabling of the Holy Spirit, to guide you toward reconciliation with God, your spouse, your family and others.
  • Mercy Ministry is responsible for distributing mercy funds, responding to needs of members in the community, and reaching out through mercy programs to seek the lost.
  • Briarwood Fellows exists to "equip a generation of leaders to live for Christ in their vocation, family, church & culture."
  • Grief Counseling Ministry has small groups and individual counseling to help navigate the dark waters following the loss of a spouse or other loved one, or other hard times in life. Contact altadenabriarwoodorg for more info.
  • Career Transitioning Ministry helps counsel individuals and couples through the process of changing or finding your career path. Contact altadenabriarwoodorg for more info.
  • Divorce Care offers weekly workshops intermittently throughout the year and has several resources for divorced parents to utilize. Contact Charlie Prewett at charlieprewettcharternet for more information.