Briarwood Links

  • Briarwood Presbyterian Church {description}
    As we desire for our family to be a real family, it would be good to know what exactly our Church family is giving itself to. Please take the time to become knowledgeable about what Briarwood’s ministries are and what they are doing.
  • Briarwood Youth Group (BYG) {description}
    BYG is the Youth Group at Briarwood Presbyterian Church for Senior High Students.
  • Briarwood Raiders Ministry {description}
    Raiders is the Junior High Student Ministry of Briarwood Presbyterian Church.
  • Briarwood College Community (BCC)
  • Briarwood International Outreach (BIO) {description}
    The B.I.O. (Briarwood International Outreach) is a ministry of Briarwood Presbyterian Church. For over 25 years, Briarwood has been involved in outreach to international students and scholars in the Birmingham area. We are a Christian ministry and provide a broad range of programs and services for international students/scholars at local universities.
  • Briarwood Fellows {description}
    The goal of Briarwood Fellows is to "equip a generation of leaders to live for Christ in their vocation, family, church & culture."
  • The Youth Barn {description}
    “The Barn” is the new youth facility for Briarwood Student Ministries at Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham, AL. Our Mission is to Equip and Reach Jr. and Sr. High Students in the Birmingham Area for Christ.

PCA Links

  • Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) {description}
    As one communion in the worldwide church, the Presbyterian Church in America exists to glorify God by extending the kingdom of Jesus Christ over all individual lives through all areas of society and in all nations and cultures. To accomplish this end the PCA aims to fill the world with churches that are continually growing in vital worship, in theological depth, in true fellowship, in assertive evangelism and in deeds of compassion.
  • Mission to the World (MTW) {description}
    Mission to the World is the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, helping to fulfill the Great Commission by advancing Reformed and covenantal church-planting movements through word and deed in strategic areas worldwide.
  • byFaith Online {description}
    This is the web magazine for the PCA denomination that Briarwood founded. It will give you a better understanding of the PCA and its distinctives as you seek to understand the local church of Briarwood.

Other Links

  • Apologetics Resource Center (ARC) {description}
    How well can you give a defense for your faith? ARC is a local apologetics ministry that has some great resources for handling questions and issues with the Christian faith.
  • Christian Spotlight on Entertainment {description}
    Ever wish that someone could give you a heads up about a movie before you go see it? This website grades and evaluates all movies and gives you some good feedback (and NO EXCUSE) on seeing that next flick.
  • Crown Financial Ministries {description}
    Crown Financial Ministries is a great resource to helping you understand and grow in your stewardship. They have tools for budgeting, mortgage calculators, and more.
  • Insights to Faith {description}
    This website is designed to help you know God and experience His power in daily life. God’s Word linked to our faith acts as a protective shield as we walk through the conflicts of life.
  • Monergism {description}
    This site is dedicated to the biblical teachings of the Reformed Faith. It is full of essays, audio sermons, articles, links, and other resources to help teach sound theology and doctrine. It may look ‘heady’ and stale at first, but just download a couple of the John Piper sermons if you want some real intellectually stimulating passionate preaching!
  • Tim Challies {description}
    This is a personal site of Tim Challies. It is a really interactive site with some great forums and blogs. He has resources of conferences, book reviews, articles, and more.

Media Links

  • Briarwood Sermon Library
  • Desiring God - Resource Library
  • OnePlace.com {description}
    Listen to your favorite Christian broadcasters, such as John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll, Dr. David Jeremiah, Tony Evans, Beth Moore, and many more any time, at your convenience!
  • The Gospel Coalition {description}
    The Gospel Coalition is an organization of prominent orthodox evangelical pastors like Reeder, Piper, Keller, Carson, Driscoll and others who came together to represent the true face of Gospel Christianity. Awesome resources and downloads available.